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Educational Workshops for Colleges and Universities, teach your students with virtual and augmented reality generating high impact educational experiences using Machinery simulators implementing situations in virtual educational spaces.

We have simulators that allow students to approach the operation and learn about different industrial equipment. We develop educational experiences, gathering the needs of your curriculum.

We take the latest technology to your institution and with the help of our staff, your students live high-impact virtual experiences that allow them to explore and learn.


Easy-to-transport simulators, economical and with a high level of realism.
Multiple machinery in the same team: mobile crane , forklift , bridge crane , mining truck and content oriented to the learning of its students, through training and achievements to be accomplished.

Simulator of
Grúa RTG

Simulator of

Simulator of
Grúa Horquilla

Simulator of
Puente Grúa

Simulators under construction


It is set in the Port of Valparaíso, where you can operate a bulk and container ship crane.


High performance notebook case, high-end virtual reality HTC Vive system, monopods and connectivity to external monitor or data show.