The Imminent arrival of 5G technology hand in hand with Virtual Reality

Written on 14/10/2021

The fifth generation of broadband technology is already available as a commercial network in most countries of the world, although much is said about it, we are not aware of its true scope and impact that it will have in our near future. This is because it is promoted as a simply faster and more secure network, but it can potentially make technologies that we only see in science fiction series like Black Mirror a reality. The 5G network offers advantages and scenarios that its predecessor could not conceive, it will allow the hyperconnectivity of equipment, infraestructures, buildings and machines that use the internet, as well as perform tasks in real time with immediate response. There are several novelties that this new broadband technology brings with it, before we can get into it let's find out about its evolution to the present and what it will bring us in the future.

A review of broadband

Approximately 45 years have passed since the first generation of automated communication network was launched in Japan, achieving rapid replication worldwide, which allowed calling from one operator to another, without the need to be connected to a cable. It was 20 years later that the second generation of broadband took over the market, generating increased bandwidth and the ability to send instant messages called SMS. The third generation network apparead 10 years later with many more advantages than its predecessor, thanks to the WCDMA CDMA technology that provided a minimum speed 256 Kbps and a maximum of up to 14 Mkbps, which boosted the growth of the internet and its globalization.

Ten years later the 4G network appeared, again in Japan, reaching speeds never seen before and opening a thousand paths, including streaming platforms, videoconferences, file and document transfer worldwide, among many other advantages. With the arrival of 5G, digital data traffic rose because this network has more bandwidth to transfer information. Its deployment is considered a technological revolution because it will allow hyperconnectivity in real time between people and equipment. Although the arrival of 5G technology was abrupt and without much planning in some countries, what’s clear is that it is still far from being able to offer its full potential regarding hyperconnectivity in real time, for example, remotely managing the microwave or oven at home through an app, or, in the case of intelligent or automatic vehicles, be able to monitor them in real time from anywhere in the world.

New horizons for 5G

As we said before, there are many opportunities that will arise from the use of the 5G network worldwide. Although at present it does not work at its maximum potential, it is already generating changes in our society.

Here we will explain its potential scope:

  • 5G connections are up to 100 times faster than their predecessors.

  • It will reduce the latency (response period) from 10 to 1 millisecond.

  • Manage equipment remotely in real time, such as vehicles, remote operations, cameras, etc.

  • It will contribute to eliminate geographical barriers, as anyone in any part of the world will be able to participate in real time in major global events.

  • Growth of virtual and augmented reality technologies due to the fact it will allow the instantaneous transmission of three-dimensional environments.

These are advantages that 5G offers over its predecessors, as we have seen, allowing new horizons that closely fit our needs, especially those that emerged after the pandemic caused by SARSCOVID-19. One of the most notorious cases is that of education and remote work, which although it is not a novelty, with the isolation and the number of people who were forced to do home office, without the existence of the 5G network it would’ve been difficult for them to connect due to the number of users who joined the broadband from one moment to the next.

However, the 5G technology we use today is actually a more sophisticated version of the generation, this is because there are non-autonomous 5G networks, which do not have the same signal strength and intensity as autonomous 5G. If the arrival of this technology is a priority, governments must agree to release broadband networks globally, only in this way advantages such as hyperconnectivity and the management of machines remotely in real time will be possible.

Another important factor is the position taken by mobile phone and internet companies in different regions, as well as the companies that manufacture equipment suitable for 5G. The price of both products will be crucial for the democratization and normalization of the advantages that technology will provide for us.

Some example of uses of 5G

These are some examples of the possibilities that this technology is deploying, cases related to education, training and virtual reality.

Telefónica, IE University and Nokia
They are conducting an educational seminar using virtual reality and 5G broadband, media computing, among others. Here the students can visit different architectural spaces in real time being guided by their teacher remotely.

Quirónsalud and Telefónica
At the end of 2019, they presented the first expert assistance system in medical interventions which allows persons to remotely guide a live operation.

Created a platform with the tools and data necessary for users to create reproducible 3D objects in virtual reality and augmented reality. Currently they have strengthened these platforms with a remote assistance system in real time thanks to broadband.

With the appearance of 5G, the appearance of products such as the Stylus X became possible, which is a pencil that allows you to draw and project 3D images in real time, with high quality and detail, obtaining novel results for this industry.


Constant technological innovation is causing scenarios that used to be typical of science fiction cinema to become a reality. Today the distance between reality and fiction is being shortened thanks to the constant development of human thought and all the areas that are affected. The early appearance of 5G, although it was a market measure for many companies to rebound from the pandemic, has accelerated its implementation process in many countries and enhances its development in order to obtain all the advantages that autonomous 5G has.

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