AR applications

Interactive applications to enhance communication with your customers or to train your collaborators, allowing:

Turn the print or packaging of a product into a digital experience, visualize a virtual replica of your product at real scale, apply X-ray vision effect to a machine or place, make an interactive manual superimposed on real equipment, explain a concept in a playful way or surprise the audience with an object that comes to life in front of their eyes. We develop software compatible with a wide range of cell phones, tablets or augmented reality viewers. Your application is available in iOS and Android stores.We work with you to design the best possible solution for your organization.

AR Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum Games

Appago AR

Learn about fire extinguishers in AR

AR Forms


Imagina AR

Imagina AR allows you to visualize furniture and paintings in 3D models.

Yoy AR Machinery Catalog

Visualize and interact with the different simulator samples.

What is augmented reality and what does it enable?

Augmented reality allows adding virtual elements to a real scene. For example with the camera of a mobile device a scene and visualizing three-dimensional objects. Augmented reality allows:

Visualize products and components as a full-scale vehicle at a trade show or display a virtual character on a table.

Display data, e.g. see in real time the status of a machine, displaying its temperature, running time, etc.

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