Customer Stories


VR System Golden Rules for driving mobile equipment.

-More than 1,000 mobile equipment operators trained in one month, through a 360° virtual reality experience.
-The tool developed consists of a virtual educational experience that involves topics of the standard for handling mobile equipment.
-The trainings have reinforced the learning of safety standards. Workers can be active agents in the learning process of Melón's mobile equipment standard.

BHP's Spence SGO

VR/AR System Material Risk School.

-More than 90 people have been trained and more than 200 will be reached.
-The tool developed consists of a virtual experience to control material risks:
-Accident on road (bus / light vehicle).
-Impact of mobile equipment/light vehicle with pedestrians
-Accidents by means of lifting maneuvers
-Contact with electrical energy / electric arc
-People falling from height
-This type of training accelerates personnel learning and positively influences their behavior, thanks to the experience of high impact virtual experiences.


VR system for factory truck operator training

-Training is starting in all open pit mining sites where Enaex has operations where Enaex has operations.
-The tool developed consists of a training system, the tool developed consists of a training, coaching and evaluation system for new factory truck operators.
-The validation of the system is carried out in the field with specialized operators and instructors.


Virtual Reality System for DaveyTronic® SP Operator Training, Training and Evaluation

  • A high-end virtual reality training system is developed for training, coaching and evaluation of DaveyTronic® SP digital blasting system operators.

  • It allows direct operation of a programming unit by integrating a physical replica of the PU (Programming Unit). It also allows different electrical connections of each of the detonators with the PU. It is possible to perform connection tests, program delays, search test for disconnected detonators, etc.


VR simulation system for mining truck operation

-This mining truck simulator is installed and operating at more than 4,000 msnm above sea level.
-It is used by the mining company to train new mining truck operators the system allows to drive the truck, perform pre-operational checks,
generate faults, reports, etc.
-This simulator includes a replica or the steering wheel, retarder, transmission, and other components needed to operate.


VR simulation system for forklift crane operation

-This system is installed at the tire production plant in Maipú, where there are a large number of forklifts in circulation.
-This system was specially adapted to Goodear's training needs, incorporating special elements for the training of forklifts Goodyear, incorporating special loading elements and customized environments.
-It is used especially for training new plant operators and for periodic internal training.


VR system for crane bridge operator training

  • Using the overhead crane simulator developed by Yoy, it has been possible to train more than 850 Codelco to train more than 850 workers corresponding to Codelco El Teniente and Ventanas personnel from el Teniente and Ventanas from 2016 to date.
    -The possibility of carrying out exercises of lifting, displacement, obstacles, The possibility of carrying out exercises on hoisting, displacement, obstacles, fences and pendulum control, makes it possible to increase operating efficiency.
    -Performance reports are generated for each of the trained workers.