Virtual Tours

Avoid unnecessary trips, through interactive virtual tours. Where it is possible to explain in a playful and instantaneous way areas, rules and processes in a surprising guided tour.

We create a digital and online version of a place, accessible from multiple devices. Users can explore the environment in 360°, receiving complementary information through an engaging voice-over and additional multimedia content.

Our platform is specially designed for education, allowing us to add questions and assessments, with a complete online reporting system.

Open Pit Mine Virtual Tour

Underground mine virtual tour

Food Laboratory Virtual Tour

Industrial Bakery Virtual Tour

Mining Industrial Environment Virtual Tour

Retail Electrical Room Virtual Tour

Automated Hotel Virtual Tour

Oncol Park Virtual Tour

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is an interactive and immersive way of getting to know a place and being able to appreciate the whole environment from the comfort of your home, through 360 photos linked together. These photos allow to observe everything around as if the user was really in the place of the tour.

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