VR Simulators

Simulators easy to transport, economical and with a high level of realism

The training of the future is already here: train your employees in virtual environments designed to improve their decision making. Virtual reality training allows you to reduce errors, training time, travel and strengthen accident prevention. We simulate machines, processes and situations for high-impact training. In a virtual environment with a high level of realism, it is possible to manipulate equipment, walk and observe in 360°. With more than 7 years of experience, we have a growing product portfolio. In addition, our custom development service considers the learning objectives of your training program and allows your company to be part of the creative process.

What is Virtual Reality?

It is a computerized simulation of different spaces, in which we can interact and explore, as if we were really there, through virtual reality viewers. We specialize in Virtual Reality making customized developments using the latest technologies in the market. Virtual tours: 360º visualization of a place and its processes. Simulate complex processes and machinery without risks and reducing costs. Visualize products and components: show a product at real scale and with all the required levels of detail. Simulate situations: simulate a catastrophe, a fire, visualize a historical event or execute a procedure.

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