The Simulator

Simulation of the handling of a Kalmar DRF full container carrier. It has a structure to which all the necessary peripherals are connected to complete the experience.

It has exercises of loading, unloading and repositioning of containers. In some exercises you must interact with other trucks and loads.
Finally, the use of the operators can be recorded in different formats in order to keep track of their performance.

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Oculus Quest 2

Incorporates the latest technology

Oculus Quest 2
Contained in protective case, light and easy to transport


High performance notebook

Structure metal

The physical layout of the controls on the structure matches the image displayed to the user, allowing for unprecedented immersion.

Database system

The system allows recording the performance of the operators evaluated throughout the course. A tool developed to support the teacher's work, helping in the organization of the courses taught and the management of detailed information of the operators' performance, statistics and management of the situations in the simulation.
Our database can store courses, instructors and operator profiles.

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